MagicFest Brussel - A Preparation Guide

Hello fellow Planeswalkers, with only a month away until MagicFest Brussel I thought it would be a great idea to write another article. This time about: Preparing for a big MtG event/ a GP weekend.

So you ask yourself the question: “How do I prepare for a GP?” Well I am gonna try and fill in that question for you!

Tip 1. Go to the event!

Even if it is 2/3 hours away from you you should play! Many players would argue that sometimes the traveltime is not worth going to the tournament, but keep in mind that you go to that tournament because you are wanting to improve. Gaining experience is what you do regardless the result of the tournament.

Tip 2. Make your deck choice!

Know what format you will be playing and try to get familiar with the decks you will encounter. This way you get a better feel on if your deck choice was right or not. If not, now you have time to adjust!

Tip 3. Gain experience.

Check your LGS tournament schedule, they might be organizing a tournament in your format. This way you gain experience with the deck and support your LGS!

Tip 4. Stay healthy!

In the weeks leading to the event try to walk half an hour a day and eat some more fruit instead of that bag of chips. This will very likely help you feel more energized and ready to take on the next day.

Tip 5. Get a good nights rest.

Try to sleep 8 hours per night a week before the event this way you’re not exhausted on the big day. If its a weekender try to get there the day before the event that way you dont have to travel in the morning, instead you’ll be sleeping like a feather.

Tip 6. Bring some friends!

There is nothing better than to have fun with friends. It makes the travel alot more enjoyable and you get to help each other at the tournament. Note: I mostly go alone to tournaments with train, but company is always welcome :smiley:

Tip 7. Pack your bags!

Make sure your bag is packed 2 days before the event, this will leave time in between to add something to the bag that you forgot.

A few things to consider bringing with you:

  1. Snacks/water, stills the hunger and keeps you sharp!
  2. A new set of sleeves, for your deck obviously.
  3. Cash money, for food, vendors and entry fee.
  4. Deodorant, stay fresh out there :wink:
  5. Dice and tokens, because thats needed to play the game (duh).

To wrap it all up. Make sure you have fun at the event, it might be all serious business at the main event but we are all there because we enjoy playing the game.

Thank you for taking your time to read this article. If you have any tips or corrections for me, please give me a heads up! Thanks.

Little shout-out to the friendly folk I’ll be joining to MagicFest Brussel: Rick, Ilja, Maurice, Otis and Chris.

Hope to see you soon!

Bram Deppenbroek// 07-01-2020

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