My Thoughts - On Knot Seer: An hommage to the Eldrazi.op

Hello everybody, thank you for clicking on this article. Today I would like to talk to you about Eldrazi and how they have impacted some of Magic’s constructed formats. A little disclaimer: This article is trying to replicate the quality of one you might find on Channel Fireball, nontheless this is my 3rd ever article and I am very open to critique where I can learn from. Lets roam right into the article!

Bram Deppenbroek // 04-03-2020

Eldrazi in Pauper:
At the moment we do not have a particular Eldrazi as boogeyman in the format. We have had times where in Eldrazi like Wretched Gryff and Ulamogs Crusher we’re played in some versions of Tron. Further sees Ulamogs Crusher play in Paupers own R/B Reanimator, the deck abuses Exhume as a way to get Ulamogs Crusher with haste into play on turn 2 by casting Faithless Looting on turn 1 discarding Dragon’s Breath and Ulamogs Crusher. This makes so that you can attack your opponent with an annihilator 2 often destroying their only lands.

Eldrazi in Vintage:
White Eldrazi in Vintage takes a special place in its meta as one of the more “fair” decks of the format. The deck combines cards that tax noncreature spells with Eldrazi to put an clock on the opponent while also disrupting their gameplan and forwarding ours! We put a clock on our opponent with Reality Smasher and can keep blinking our Thought - Knot Seer with Eldrazi Displacer in order to keep information from the opponent crystal clear, making it easy for you to adapt your gameplan and execute a beatdown plan while also keeping defense up. Thought - Knot Seer is an important addition to the deck because of the combo heavy nature of the Vintage format.

Eldrazi in Modern:
When talking about Eldrazi in Modern we can ofcourse not forget the time we called: “Eldrazi Winter”

It is begin february when the latest MtG set was released: Oath of the Gatewatch. Oath of the Gatewatch introduced us to 2 new Eldrazi: Thought - Knot Seer and Reality Smasher. These 2 new Eldrazi would combine to dominate a new and reformed modern meta after the recent bannings of Splinter Twin and Summer Bloom. We see this back when looking at the top 8 decklists of Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch, there were 6 out of 8 decks with Eldrazi in it. That makes it a whopping 75% of the meta was dominated by Reality Smashers and Thought - Knot Seer’s. But little did we know that this was their first big appearance but certainly not their last!

Eldrazi Tron as its called nowadays is a semi aggro/prison deck. The deck uses the notorious Tron lands and Eldrazi Temple to gain an fast mana advantage over your opponent. The deck is capable of switching from offense to defense in a fast fashion and looks to lock out opponents by taking away key pieces out of their opponents hand or locking key spells from their opponents away with Chalice of the Void. The deck thus carrys lockdown and beatdown making it a great pick to take a tournament no matter the conditions.

Izzet Through the Breach also uses Eldrazi in the form of Emrakul, the Aeons Torn it seeks to “play” it on turn 5 by casting Through the Breach and cheating it into play with haste destroying most of your opponents permanente when attacking because of its annihilator 6.

In short: Eldrazi in Modern have been with us for a good few years now and they will stick with us for a while. Guaranteed!

Eldrazi in Pioneer:
With Pioneer being a brand new format sometimes we see a few Eldrazi popping up here and there. One of the most recente ones would be Mono Red Eldrazi.

Mono Red Eldrazi is a Red Deck Wins deck that was designed by GP Phoenix winner Ben Weitz to fight decks like Inverter and Lotus Breach the deck does this by using Eldrazi Obligator and Thought - Knot Seer by picking apart their hand with the Thought Knot Seer and using big threats from opponents to get through their defense. The deck compensates running Eldrazi by lands like Ramunap Ruins and most importantly Muta Vault this adaptation of the deck has a relatively low risk and high reward. Do note that if the meta shifts back to a creature based meta you probably want to smash down your Goblin Chainwhirler with an Torbrann on the field again instead of casting an Thought Knot Seer.

Another deck that uses a Eldrazi is Joël Larssons Swedish Sultai (Sultai Delirium) it runs just one copy of Emrakul the Promised End but compensates the lack of duplicates by running x3 Traverse the Ulvenwald making it so that he almost always will have an consistent game ending threat. Further we have not yet seen a deck with that much Eldrazi influence in it and thus am I excited to see where later this year the “Return to Zendikar” will bring Eldrazi in the Pioneer format.

Eldrazi in Legacy:
Legacy is one of the oldest formats and one with a very sturdy meta… But! Eldrazi sneaks it way in in thd form of Eldrazi Post.

Eldrazi Post is a deck that uses Tron… I mean Cloudpost, Glimmerpost and Vesuvas to generate an insane amount of mana, even more insane than 7 mana on turn three. The deck is capable of having 9 mana on turn 3 and even 16 mana on turn 4, this opens up opportunity for the deck to play big Eldrazi and high impact cards such as Ulamog the Ceaseless Hunger, All is Dust (also eldrazi) and Karn the Great Creator.

Karn the Great Creator functions as a toolbox more than often looking for an Mycosinth Lettice lockdown as early as turn 3 or 4, the deck also packs x4 Chalice of the Void and x2-3 Trinisphere in order to make it hard for the aggresive decks to take them down before they have established their mana.

The second deck playing Eldrazi in Legacy would be Eldrazi Stompy, the deck has some familiarity with early Eldrazi decks we saw in Modern. It runs Endless One,Eldrazi Mimic and Matter Reshaper these 3 Eldrazi make for a good curve and thus make Eldrazi Stompy the aggresor in most matchups. The deck protects itself with Cavern of Souls and stamps their mana with Simian Spirit Guide, City of Traitors and Eldrazi Temple its pay off and thus their big threats would be Endbringer or a big Endless One. The deck uses the straight forward gameplan to its advantage in A meta where in most of the decks need build up and is thus one of the few Aggro decks in Legacy.

All by all the Eldrazi are a nice way of showing that there are alternate ways to play and design the game, this results in interesting gameplay and good cards which in order results in happy customers.

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